The one thing that I always try to do is let you inside the life of Beau Matthews. For you to see that I'm just an ordinary guy. Married with kids and grandkids, petless at this time, and always trying to do better. You know...going that extra mile to help others when ever possible. So what I'm going to venture into next may be more than what you want to read!

Asparagus, and the effect it has on not only my urine odor but also many others out there in veggie land.

I know...TMI-Too Much Information, but I had to share how this delicious vegetable doesn't smell so delicious the next morning!

I guess I'm normal. (Please don't ask my wife if I am, you'll get a totally different answer!) According to the website, after eating asparugus, your urine will most likely smell a little different.

In a quote from 1913 by French novelist Marcel Proust, he says asparagus "transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume." I'm not really sure that this is something that I would want to gather and distribute as a perfume but to each his/her own.

According to information on the website, approximately 22%-50% have the unusual smell after consuming asparagus. In fact,

"researchers believe that, during digestion, the vegetable's sulfurous amino acids break down into smelly chemical components in all people. "

So if you've noticed this pungent odor after a meal including asparagus, know you know why.  You're welcome. I hope I haven't strayed you away from this excellent vegetable choice.



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