Kids, I'm sure you've heard us talking about this big Kenny Chesney contest we're doing with Dukes & Boots.  Well, not only are we taking care of your flight, hotel, dinner and the show, but we're also giving you some spending cash for your trip.  So I thought, why not blue sky a little and talk about what you could do with that cash in Seattle? 

If you're into history or local interests, you might take the Seattle Streetcar down South Lake Union neighborhood to the downtown Seattle core.  There you can see the Seattle Center, which offers a fairground, park, and arts and entertainment center all year round.Pioneer Square marks Seattle's original downtown, dating back to 1852. The cultural heart of Seattle, it features historic buildings, art galleries, and nightlife.  They've also got a great zoo, the Woodland Park Zoo.  And in the Pike Place Market, they've got the oldest continually operating farmers market in the country, and a place where farmers, craftspeople, and artists display their goods.  Not to mention the big Seattle Great Wheel!

Make sure you take lots of pictures if you win!  Don't feel like you need to bring me a souvenir, but if do, I won't cry.  Make sure you enter in our contest, and you might get not only that great trip, but a special meeting with Kenny Chesney himself.

Jealously yours,


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