People freggin LOVE zombies. It seems like everyone has to ask  you "The Question" about zombies every year. Well, now you can enjoy your zombies and some great prizes! 

Zombies are the most popular homemade Halloween costumes this year, according to a new survey. Pirates, witches, and princesses are also popular options for people who are going the do-it-yourself route for Halloween. It's one of the top three costumes for adult men, adult women, teenage males, teenage females, and boys. The only group where zombies aren't in the top three is girls' costumes.

So yeah, you love zombies. And you know what you also love? Scavenger Hunts. Every time I go into Woods Supermarket, the ladies there ask me when our next Lucky Leprechaun or whichever contest is going to be. Well, now is the time!

Kurt Parsons
Kurt Parsons

So since you love zombies as much as we do, AND YOU LOVE PRIZES, well, let's combine the two. Let's go on a Zombie Scavenger Hunt!

Starting this week, our radio stations are going to be giving out clues.  Whoever is the first to find the gold coin will win over $700 in prizes from Dukes & Boots, Mighty Melt, Backwoods Guitar, Dickie Doo Barbecue, Stone Laser Imaging, Colton's, Sutherlands, and Express Banners.  We've hidden the coin,.. all you need to do is be the first to find it.

Clues will be given out daily on the air at 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., and repeated on our Facebook page (so make sure to like our page and become our friend!).

All you have to do is listen for the clue, figure out the location of the coin, find it first, and bring it to our stations at 2209 South Limit. You know the drill! So don't forget to listen in and keep checking online! Thanks to all the great businesses that got involved, it's gonna be fun! Listen in starting on Wednesday, and it'll keep going all this week!

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