With holidays fast approaching, many will make some sort of plans to travel to see friends and/or relatives. Do you have any special 'car games' that you play when you're on the road?

According to usatoday.com many are wondering if that annual trip to Grandma's house for a Thanksgiving feast or to the in-laws for Christmas is a good idea this year. 2020 has definitely made it more difficult for us to hit the roads or the friendly skies for a getaway.

If you are planning that trip, do you have special games that you play to help pass the time between pit stops?

We asked for suggestions on our KIX 105.7 Facebook page. Here's some of the answers to the question:

  • Ruben H. - Buckets
  • Sherry Jo P.T. - I put state stickers on a clipboard and laminated it. We mark them off as we see them
  • Dale M. - Who can hook up to the wi-if and stay on their Tablet and be quietest the longest!
  • Donna F.G. - Saying BINGO when you see a yellow vehicle

Some answered with a few games that I remember as a child and ones that were used when my kids were younger:

  • Doug S. - The alphabet game and license plates games were my favorite
  • Janice H - I spy with my little eye
  • Ken S. - With my granddaughter it was .. Slug Bug

But I think my favorite comment came from a parent that sounded like he had a taken a road trip or two with his little one/s.

Cody B. - Called hush your mouth and go to sleep


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