Throwing the question on the KIX 105.7 Facebook page, "If your significant other snores, do you wake them up or let them keep snoring?", we received over 15 answers to the age-long sleep-related question.

First off let me admit, I snore. Sometimes my wife wakes me up so I won't keep rattling the walls and sometimes she lets me sleep through it. (Even though she sometimes doesn't...I married an angel!) Now on the other side of the bed I can say that she snores, too. I'll do the same with her. Sometimes I wake her up and other times I just deal with it.

We received some great answers from the Facebook question and we thought we'd share some of them with you-

Jimmie A. - Most of the time I just let her snore. 

Dustie N.C. - Shake the bed or Just try to out snore him!

Lori A. - Depends on how bad it is. Sometimes it gets scary.

Jason M. - Let em snore..thankfully their CPAP put an end to it as long as they wear it when they sleep

Here's an answer revealing true love-

Melissa M. - He lets me just keep on snoring lol

Now the next couple of responses made me wonder what's going and what could happen with these couples-

Kevin G. - Pillow over their face works good

Tosha C. - Put a pillow over him.

A few more answers were your standard "Let them sleep", but my favorite answer from all the responses was this one-

Diana S. Q. - Let them keep snoring so ya don't get griped at for waking him up

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