I have always been a big baseball fan.  I still am.  Missouri is a wonderful state when it comes to baseball.  We have the Kansas City Royals, and the St Louis Cardinals in our state.  Both teams have had a fair amount of success in their history.  Both team have won a World Series in the past 11 years.  2011 for the Cardinals, and 2015 for the Royals.  Both ballparks are wonderful and clean, and really are nice places to see a game.

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Now even though going to a game can be a lot of fun, it can get expensive.  I am from Illinois and being a big Cubs fan, we always have one of the most, if not the highest tickets prices per game.  Your average price for a ticket at Wrigley (if you want a decent seat, could run you close to $80.  According to my colleague "Money" Mike Pettis, who is a huge Royals fan, he says the average price for Royals game is probably around $40-50 bucks.  St. Louis Cardinals average price seems to be about $46.  Of course this does not include parking (if you drive), and your food and/or drinks.  That can add up to a hefty cost for a family.  So any way to save a few bucks can help.

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Whenever I went to Wrigley, one of the ways we tried to save money, was to just walk around the park, and wait for a scalper who was trying to unload tickets, and gave them a small budget.  Trust me, they will unload them just to get something for them.  We would eat and drink outside the ballpark before we went inside because it was cheaper. Not as much of an option anymore since paper tickets are being phased out.  So you really need to search for bargains on ticket sights that are more secure.

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According to Lifehacker the average cost of going to a Major League Baseball game is over $250 for a family of four.  So how can you not go broke? Well they have some suggestions:

Do an All-You-Can-Eat Package - The Kansas City Royals have that option.  A few other teams have this as well.  You won't eat too healthy, but at least you won't go hungry.  Prices could be as low as $45.  And obviously try and avoid the high price items for decadent foods.

Promotional Nights - Lots of ballparks have them, from Dollar Dog nights to half price tickets etc.  You may not see your favorite opponent for your home team, or it may be a different day of the week, but you won't spend as much either.  And getting a free gift that you can keep for a while like a T-Shirt, or a Bobblehead make at least justify a cost a bit.

Children's Menu - If you search around, some places will have one of these.  Even if you are not a child, you can get enough food for less.  Truthfully, your best bet is to probably eat before you enter at a fast food place, or bring your own grub in the parking lot and fill up before you enter.

If you click HERE you can read some more suggestions from Lifehacker that may help you save a few bucks so you can enjoy our Missouri baseball teams for a little less.

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