Figures provided by the Pettis County Clerks' office show that turnout in Tuesday's General Municipal Election was just under 20 percent, or 19.59%, with 5,108 voters who cast their ballots out of 26,081 registered voters in the county.

The County Sales Tax on marijuana passed by 71%, or 3600 yes to 1461 no votes.

Prop 1 passed by 65%, or 3289 yes to 1745 no votes.

Second Ward Councilman Chris Marshall fended off his challenger, former Councilwoman Becca La Strada, by 57%, with Marshall receiving 198 votes to La Strada's 146.

Prop A passed by 70%, or 1538 yes to 641 no votes.

Mike Kroeger and Phyllis Sue Domann were the top vote getters in the race for Pettis County Health Center Board of Trustees. Kroeger had 1812 votes and Domann had 1430. Heather Slagle came in a very close third with 1412 votes. Only the top two secured seats on the board.

John Nail came out on top in the race for Pettis County Ambulance District 2 Board of Directors with 429 votes, beating Sherri Egbert (238) and Rhiannon Foster (212).

Pam Moon (2259), Brad Grupe (2173) and Scott Gardner (1840) won seats on the Sedalia School District's Board of Education. Dale Garrett came in last with 1387 votes.

Moon posted on Facebook Wednesday morning, thanking her supporters:

Thank you to everyone that supported me in the Sedalia Board of Education campaign. I am elated to say the least. I am now challenged with these goals: 1. Do what is best for our students, 2. Do what is best for our staff, 3. Do what is best for our community.
So I challenge each of you to follow me in these goals. Support the students and staff and come together as a community to show that support. If you do not have a student in the district, come to an event anyway. Cheer on those kids, show them some love. There is nothing better than having a cheerleader in your arena. Let us all be that cheerleader and show how much we care for our future.

And Prop KIDS passed by 60%, or 1988 yes to 1280 no votes.

Ricky Rollins beat out two competitors to be Mayor of Windsor by two votes. Rollins received six votes, while Eric Foreman got 4 votes and Dennis Bowers received two.

In the top photo: Voter traffic was incredibly light Tuesday in the General Municipal Election. The Pettis County Election Authority headquarters was pretty quiet around 10 a.m. Pettis County Election Authority Nick La Strada (shown below) said that traffic peaked during the 4 p.m., hour.

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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