Last weekend, my brother came to visit from Michigan and he eats like crazy. So I took him to what I heard was the best buffet in Missouri: Charley's Buffet.

As always, Huntin' Harry was our guide to rural Missouri, as we all piled in the Huntin' and Fishin'-Mobile and took off for Charley's, way out on Highway B in Lincoln. Harry must have been hungry, because we got a pretty wild ride on the way there, but we ended up first in line, so that was okay with us!

Charley's Buffet is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to. It's like home-style, down-home cooking your grandma would make, only better. Fresh rolls and honey butter, mashed potatoes and gravy, any vegetable you could possibly want, noodles, sauerkraut, ham, roast beef, fried chicken. All made fresh. Then there's the desserts! There were 49 different desserts on the 30 foot buffet. It was heavenly.

We all ate until we couldn't eat another bite. It was amazing. My brother is the biggest eater I've ever met, and I don't think I've ever seen him that full. Check out the pictures from Kevin Walker below!

If you've never been to Charley's Buffet, you need to as soon as possible.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook. As my brother said "If you don't like it here, you're living life all wrong."