Today is Veterans Day.  A day when we observe and thank all of those who have served our country.  This is not an easy thing to do.  I had several family members over the years serve in various branches of the military, as well as friends and former co-workers.  They deserve our respect.

My grandfather served in the Army. I never got the opportunity to meet my grandfather.  He passed away from TB that he contracted from the army at age 27.  He had 2 brothers who also served. My grandmother has 4 brothers and 1 sister in the service. a few served in the Navy and Army.  1 was on beach at Omaha and followed Patton around Europe, and another was on a boat ready to invade Japan before the Big Bomb dropped then went ashore with MacArthur after.

My grandmother worked in an ammunition factory during war time.  And several uncles on my father's side also served.  I have had medical issues that prevented me from serving.  Candidly, I would not have made it through boot camp.  It takes a special kind of person to serve.  I don't know how authentic TV shows like M*A*S*H or Tour Of Duty were, but I know that military life was not for me.

If you know any veterans that you interact with, make sure you wish them well today.  Perhaps if you can, stop by the VFW today.  There is also a ceremony at 11AM at the Pettis County Courthouse where they will be represented.  Click HERE for more info.

Thank you again to all who served.

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