Many gathered for the 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at the University of Central Missouri (UCM) on Tuesday afternoon in the Quadrangle of campus.  The President of UCM Chuck Ambrose welcomed those that came to reflect on the meaning of this day and remember those that died on this tragic day in 2001.

"This day brings the memories of what it felt like 11 years ago," Ambrose said.  "A beautiful sunny day, a sense of community and then things happen that causes to remembrance of why we're here today.  Last week I was in New York City and saw the response of the memorial at Ground Zero and also the anticipation of the completion of the freedom tower, that has been topped off and points to the future."

Retired Brigadier General and Executive Director of the Missouri Veterans Commission Larry D. Kay was the keynote speaker.  His message was not only about remembering the day, but also honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice on that day and since during the War on Terror.

Kay said, "On 9/11, we gather to remember and to reflect; some allowing the flood of emotions to once again sweep over them like they did 11 years ago.  Other meet in an attempt to exorcise the horrific images and commentary that streamed into their workplaces, homes and lives- 11 years ago."

Kay did make a point to honor those that that were involved in saving lives in 2001.  Kay said, "If 343 Firefighters and Paramedics and 60 Police Officers can rush headlong into an armageddon of fire and crematoria dust, can't we today, squarely face the comparatively insignificant challenges in our individual lives."  Kay also quoted Senator Bobby Kennedy who said that each of us has "the moral obligation to make the world a better place."

Kay believes that should be the legacy of 9/11, and that we should honor and remember the 403 individual choices to go up into the twin towers and also remember those like who were like Todd Beamer, that helped storm the cockpit when terrorists took over on Flight 93.

Kay's final thought was, "Remember the firefighters, remember Todd Beamer, look at the examples of the heroes you work with everyday right here at the University of Central Missouri.  Do that and you'll begin seeing the meaning of 9/11."

The Warrensburg Fire Department had their ladder truck out with the ladder fully extended up and the American Flag hanging down.  The National Anthem was done by UCM Music Student, Anna Kay.  The ROTC Color Guard and Cadets did the lowering of the flags to half-mast and the firing of the cannon.  Scott Ammon, rang the fire bell. Evan Schroeder and Michael Cervantes played taps.