If you need something to do between the University of Central Missouri homecoming parade and the football game between the Mules and Fort Hays State at 1:30 PM CDT on Saturday, October 23, the University's Alumni Foundation has you covered.

It's the alumni foundation's Party In the Park after the parade. The event, being held in Selmo Park, will feature Kansas City's party band KC FLO. According to their website, KC FLO performs crowd-pleasing dance hits and after looking at their promo highlights, people of all ages will enjoy the music they're going to play.

Selmo Park is also the designated tailgating area, so you'll be in a great spot to enjoy the party and get yourself to the game.

Speaking of food, there's going to be many food trucks at the park including ice cream from Tasty Unicorn. Gourmet waffles on a stick from Kansas City Waffle Company. Pizza from Talagios Pizza. Ninja Truck serving Japanese food. Lemonade from the Fresh Lemonade Company. Mexican food from El Espolon and for dessert, Sweet Surrender Cheesecake.

If you want to head indoors for your dining pleasure or want to just relive a little bit of your UCM experience the restaurants in the Elliot Student Union will also be open. That includes Starbucks for your caffeine fix, the only place to get a Chick-fil-A sandwich in Warrensburg, and a food court place that probably didn't exist when you went to UCM, CRU5H. You can learn more about these places here.

The homecoming parade, where the University is going for a world record involving Missouri's beloved mules, is scheduled for 9:00 AM CDT, with the Party In the Park immediately following. You can learn more about the world record attempt here.

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