I was privileged to be able to spend the afternoon with Tyler Farr and his family before his show at The Missouri State Fair. Tyler's dad, Gary Farr, hosted a party at Patricia's for family, friends and guests. It was quite an evening.

The weather was beautiful for the event on the Patio at Patricia's. The one thing I heard most from his family is, "We sure do miss him and it is great to have him at home." That's because now they share Tyler with the world. Unfortunately with the price of stardom, you have to let go of the people you love most in order to achieve your goal.

But don't think that on his way to the top that he doesn't spend time with his family. He gets moments like this to hang and get love and lots and lots of support. I saw one of his grandmothers grab him so hard it, was like she didn't want to let go. Tyler is still grounded here on this Earth by his family.

As I tried to stay in the shadows taking my pictures during the meet and greet, I chuckled at reactions of local fans, especially on how Giddy they would get. There were even some young little fans that were intimidated because of his celebrity status.

Gary and his wife Monica, Monica's son and I went over to The Fairgrounds to go and pick Tyler up and bring him to the restaurant. It was very nice to be able to hang with them like family. I wish to Thank Gary and Monica Farr for inviting me to this event and having me take pictures of the concert for them. I was honored to take those shots for them and to add to the many memories and help document his rise to stardom.

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