On this date in 1949, the Missouri Legislature adopted The "Missouri Waltz" as the state song of Missouri. According to This Date in Missouri Senate History, President Harry Truman unwittingly popularized the tune when he played it on the piano in The White House. Yet he wasn't a big fan of the tune.

Wikipedia says after it became widely reported that The "Missouri Waltz" was President Truman's favorite song, sales increased. Wikipedia says when asked about how he felt about the song The White House released the following:

President's attitude towards the song? He can take it or leave it. Is it really his favorite? No. Does he play it often? No. Is Margaret ever heard singing it? No. What is the President's reaction to song's adoption by Missouri as state song? See answer to first question.

Later during a television interview, President Truman said he couldn't share what he thought about the song out loud because it's a song about Missouri. Although he told the interviewer he thought it was as lousy as "The Star-Spangled Banner" as far as music is concerned.

This Date In Missouri History says the date when the song was written, or who wrote it is a mystery. Yet Wikipedia claims the song's melody came from The "Graveyard Waltz" written by Lee Edgar Settle. The truth lies somewhere in between. There are lots of claims of the song's origin, with names attached. There just isn't a definitive answer. If you care to go down that rabbit hole, The State of Missouri details that information in the State's archives.

Over the years many artists have recorded The "Missouri Waltz" including Bing Crosby, Gene Autry, Perry Como, and Johnny Cash. I can't say I'm any more of a fan than Truman was of the song, but it's pretty cool Johnny Cash recorded a version.

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