Luke Bryan songs are a diverse lot, but they all have one thing in common: They're all well-written. Whether he's singing one of his trademark party anthems or more serious fare, all of Bryan's songs display a high level of song craftsmanship.

That's because Bryan was a songwriter for years before he was ever a recording artist. Pre-superstardom, Bryan penned songs such as "My Honky Tonk History" for Travis Tritt, as well as Billy Currington's smash "Good Directions."

Since his debut in 2007, Bryan has rapidly ascended to become one of the best-selling, most-played artists in contemporary country music. Not only is he an excellent writer, he chooses outside songs well, and Bryan's unique voice helps make every one of the Top 10 Luke Bryan Songs stand out from the crowd.

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    "We Rode in Trucks"

    From: 'I'll Stay Me' (2007)

    The second single from Bryan's debut album, I'll Stay Me, was "We Rode in Trucks." The song takes a nostalgic look back at growing up in rural America, tying together the verses to create a picture of the influence of small-town life. Bryan wrote the song with Roger Murrah and Jim McCormick. Though it didn't achieve the kind of commercial success of some of Bryan's other songs -- peaking at No. 33 -- "We Rode in Trucks" is a fine example of the more evocative side of his songwriting.

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    "Rain Is a Good Thing"

    From: 'Doin' My Thing' (2009)

    You'll never complain about another rainy day after listening to "Rain Is a Good Thing." As the lyrics explain, "rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey / Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky." Bryan and his co-writer, Dallas Davidson, wrote the song from an old joke they had about rainy days leading to whiskey, then arrived at the tagline, "rain is a good thing." Released as the second single from Bryan's second album, the track became his first No. 1 hit.

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    "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye"

    From: Tailgates & Tanlines' (2011)

    This fourth single from Tailgates & Tanlines is a mid-tempo contemporary country track, underscored by electric guitars but with more traditional instruments placed in the mix. Co-written by Bryan, Jeff Stevens and Shane McAnally, the song tells the story of a couple who realizes it's time to go their separate ways -- but not before they "do what we do best" one last time. Released in January of 2012, "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" reached No. 3 on Billboard's country songs chart.

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    "Most People Are Good"

    'What Makes You Country' (2017)

    Written by Ed Hill, Josh Kear and David Frasier, this uplifting ode to the best parts of human nature topped the Billboard Country Airplay chart after it was released as a single in early 2018. The song was intended as a message of support and solace in an often hostile world, and Bryan says he was "enamored" with the song from the second that he heard it.

    The song's chorus features the line, "I believe you love who you love / Ain't nothing you should ever be ashamed of," and the singer has said he's glad that fans in the LGBTQ+ community have interpreted those words as a message of support. Still, he admits that aspect of the song didn't occur to him when he selected it. "I just thought of that as a love line. I'll be truthful: I thought about it as maybe an interracially charged line, but even that was only after multiple listens to the song," Bryan said.

    Still, he hopes that all fans can hear the song as a message of encouragement and support. "Going into recording it, if somebody had asked me if I would ever change that line, I would have been like, 'Are you crazy? Not in a million years,'" he added. "I think that song is about the world in general. That line, in particular, needs to be interpreted however the listener wants to interpret it."

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    "Country Girl (Shake it for Me)"

    From: 'Tailgates & Tanlines' (2011)

    Bryan had a little bit of an image makeover with this fun ditty, which he was initially unsure about. He wrote the song with Davidson after they listened to some hip-hop songs, which influenced the track's infectious groove. The lighthearted lyrics are about a country girl "shaking it a little bit," according to Bryan. The pair thought it was too different from Bryan's past singles to have hit potential, but Bryan decided to release it after seeing he reaction he got playing it live. The song reached No. 4 on the Billboard charts.

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    "All My Friends Say"

    From: 'I'll Stay Me' (2007)

    Bryan kicked his career off with a bang with the first single from his debut album. Written by Bryan with Stevens and Lonnie Wilson, the country-rock track tells the story of a man waking up with a hangover and no recollection of what happened the night before. The lyrics center around the memorable tagline, "All my friends say I started shootin' doubles when you walked in," revealing the fact that he's seen his ex with someone new. The song reached No. 5 on Billboard's country chart.

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    "Do I"

    From: 'Doin' My Thing' (2009)

    The first single from Bryan's second album is a collaboration with Lady Antebellum: Bryan co-wrote the song with Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, and Hillary Scott sings backing vocals on the recording. The song tells the story of a couple unsure if their relationship still has the excitement it once did. Released in May of 2009, "Do I" reached No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

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    "Crash My Party"

    From: 'Crash My Party' (2013)

    The first single and title song from Bryan's fourth studio album, "Crash My Party" is a rarity in that the singer did not help write it. Written by Rodney Clawson and Ashley Gorley, the song has a strong melody that lends itself to instant recognition and an arrangement that's a perfect radio confection. Released in April of 2013, "Crash My Party" reached No. 1 that July.

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    "I Don't Want This Night to End"

    From: 'Tailgates & Tanlines' (2011)

    Bryan had a ready-made hit with "I Don't Want This Night to End." The uptempo track tells the story of a man meeting a woman for the first time and wishing the evening didn't have to end. Written by Bryan, Davidson, Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip, the song has a compelling arrangement that's as perfect for radio as it is for live concerts. It became one of Bryan's biggest hits, reaching the top of the charts.

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    "Drunk on You"

    From: 'Tailgates & Tanlines' (2011)

    The fourth single from Bryan's blockbuster third album is another song that Bryan did not write. Rodney Clawson, Chris Thompkins and Josh Kear did the honors, but it's the conviction of Bryan's vocal performance that drives the song home, along with a strong arrangement that is not tied to gimmicky production elements. "Drunk on You" became Bryan's fourth No. 1 hit, and it tops our list of the Top 10 Luke Bryan Songs.