It wasn't a major victory, but Friday's (Sept. 21) decision by a Nashville judge definitely favors Tim McGraw and his current record label, Big Machine Records. The ongoing battle between the singer and his former label home, Curb Records, will now move to an appeals court, where it's possible Big Machine may still have to turn over sensitive documents.

The Tennessean reports that Davidson County Chancellor Russell Perkins ruled this week that Big Machine does not need to provide the documents -- including emails -- to Curb Records, but he advised them to preserve the information should they be directed to do so in the future. Perkins said he believes some of those documents are confidential and that the requests are "almost over-reaching." An appeals court is going to decide if McGraw can release a new album on a label that's not Curb, or if he's still under contract with his old group.

That is the heart of the lawsuit, as Curb claims they are owed one more album from McGraw. They argue 'Emotional Traffic' was turned in too quickly after his previous album, 'Southern Voice.' The 'Truck Yeah' hitmaker counters that the label kept releasing greatest hits albums to prolong his time on Curb. Under the contract, McGraw was required to space albums out by 18 months.

In November, a judge ruled that the singer could leave Curb and record under another label. A decision on Curb's appeal is pending. McGraw signed with Big Machine in May of 2012.

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