Thomas Rhett has shared another of Life Changes' new songs. Readers can press play above to hear "Grave."

The final track on Life Changes, "Grave" was written by Chris DeStefano, Hillary Lindsey and Josh Miller. Its harmonies and instrumentation are reminiscent of a gospel choir and church hymn, fitting given its lyrics: "Can't take diamonds, can't take gold / But I'll take your love with me when I go."

"When the good Lord calls me home and this life is through / I may be six feet deep, but I'll still be lovin' you," Rhett sings in the chorus of "Grave." "Baby, what we got won't ever die ... I'm gonna take it to the grave with me."

Life Changes is due out on Sept. 8. Rhett says the project, overall, is ” very nostalgic-feeling.”

“There’s a lot of songs that feel very nostalgic and, lyric-wise, talk a lot about being in high school and college, and how I got to this point in life,” he explains. “And [there’s] a lot of songs about how life has drastically changed over the last few years.”

In celebration of Life Changes, Rhett has announced three small-club shows -- in Boston, Mass.; Chicago, Ill.; and Philadelphia, Pa. -- on Sept. 8. At the concerts, he'll play his new music for and share stories with the fans in attendance.

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