You guys know how I am with crime shows. I watch far, far too many of them. Forensic Files, Law and Order, Cold Justice, Dateline, The First 48... I pretty much have Investigation Discovery on all the time when I'm on my own. It's like a channel that was specifically  made for me. If someone is going to be solving a crime and the evidence is somehow compiled from DNA, I'm in.

Well, we don't have that kind of excitement here at the stations. But this week, a mystery was, in fact, afoot. A true mystery that needed SOLVING. So I was on the case.  Detective Behka, at your service.

The Crime.

All this week, girls from the sales department have been leaving little notes on someone's bread they brought in for lunch.

"Science Experiment: Do Not Throw Away" with some love for Bill Nye the Science Guy.


It was on top of the microwave for about four days, untouched. It started to get moldy. Nobody seemed to know who it belonged to. They asked all of us over on the "on air side" of the building, and they struck out with every suspect. Then yesterday, things got serious and I decided to step in with my mad detective skills.

I walked over to the sales department and pointed at every desk. No, it wasn't Jenn. It wasn't Holly. It wasn't Kelly.  Derrick?

The Culprit, Apprehended!

He didn't remember. So then, not unlike the final scene in the Usual Suspects, the pieces started to fall into place. He wasn't there when we were first asked about the bread. He's been crazy busy all this week on the Fairgrounds, so of course he wouldn't notice it started to go off. He had a frozen pasta dish in the freezer for his lunch.

I took care of it, Bill. I did it in the name of Science. You're welcome, Sedalia. Another food criminal is brought to justice.

Sluthingly yours,