Most likely if you live in Missouri, you've heard of this grocery store, but for some, this unheard of name is getting ready to move up as the third largest grocery chain in the U.S.

In the next four years, Aldi has plans to be one of the big names in grocers across the United States.

According to a report on, by 2022, the discount chain will add approximately 900 stores to up their total to 2,500 stores nationwide.

After the addition of the stores, only Walmart and Kroger will be ahead of the discount-chain.

Aldi has made some changes and currently is offering more organic produce, antibiotic-free meats, and fresh healthier options. All this at unmatched prices up to 50 percent lower than traditional grocery stores.

Aldi announced earlier this year that they would invest $1.6 billion to remodel 1,300 existing stores.

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