Does your agency or business have a truck or a piece of equipment that makes kids go wide eyed? Do kids get mesmerized when they see a piece of your equipment and just have to stop and watch what it's doing? If you do, Warrensburg Parks and Recreation wants to talk to you. They're looking for vehicles and equipment that children of all ages can lean about and experience at their "Things That Go" event on Saturday March 28.

The event is designed to give children of all ages an opportunity to see equipment up close, touch it, learn what it does, how it works, as well as safety precautions. Warrensburg Parks and Recreation is inviting agencies and businesses that have a piece of equipment or vehicle that kids (and kids at heart) just seem gravitated to to participate in this event and put their piece of equipment on display.

The event is Saturday March 28, from 9:00AM  - 10:30AM CDT in the Warrensburg Community Center. If you'd like more information or have questions about the event email Alex Threlkeld at

If  you want to sign your agency or business up to participate, you can do that here.

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