When I did this little informal poll last week, I had no idea how passionate you guys are about people who do your hair! It makes sense now that I think about it.  You put a lot of trust in these people, and often they become friends - or maybe family! Anyway, it was a MUCH larger response than I thought it would be, definitely. We literally got hundreds of votes. So I wanted to give it a week or so and make sure everybody who wanted to comment or weigh in the poll got to do so.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME IN ADVANCE, though - there's just no way I could go through here and list everybody that got mentioned.

Yes, I read through every comment and every entry on Facebook and on our poll. What I did was calculate the votes. I did the best I could, sometimes with a little information. And sometimes it would just be a name, so I couldn't link them to a salon (I did a LITTLE Facebook stalking but nothing extreme. If I didn't see where they worked on their front page I figured that was enough). But if I saw names come up again and again, I counted how many times, and then I just listed the top five who got the most votes. Hopefully everyone will be happy and nobody will be mad.

The barber list was pretty simple. The top Barber list was: Wolfy's Barbershop, Leo Dick, and Walter's Barber Shop for the guys.

When it came to the hairstylists, though.  Woah.   So many! I guess we're overflowing with riches, huh? Anyway, here's the top five with the highest vote count based on poll entries, votes and Facebook comments, as well as comments on other comments.

1. Courtnie Sanders, Axis Salon

Cortnie Sanders at Axis! She's been making my hair fabulous for over 6 yrs now :)

2. Bobby Houston, Salon Bash

Bobby Houston @ Salon Bash! She's upbeat and honest about how a style will look. When your not sure what you want she's always ready with suggestions along with the rest of Salon Bash.

3.  Ashley Caton, Salon Bash

Ashley Caton at Salon Bash. We drive in from Lawrence Ks. for this amazing lady. All the girls are amazing at Salon Bash

4.  Nikkie Hill - Ohio Hair Company

She helps my vision come to life anytime I want something different.


5. Nicole Aldana - Long Lasting Impressions

By far Nichole Aldana when u have curly thick unmanageable hair that no other can seem to even get it even she does far beyond love this girl! If only she did home visits! She talks to u as a friend and not just a client

There were so many great votes! These five ladies got the most votes, and I'm sure everyone is so proud! Congratulations to everyone, we all win on this one!

Tangledly yours,

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