You remember Trooper the dog? 

If you don't remember, there was a fundraiser for him a few years back. He was a dog that was up for adoption at the Sedalia Animal Shelter and basically needed a leg amputation.  The funds were raised, he got the surgery, and he got adopted!  Happily ever after, right?  Kind of.

Trooper has a lasting legacy now with the Sedalia Animal Shelter, thanks to the Trooper Fund.  Now real quick, I'll let you know what that is. According to the City of Sedalia website:

Through the generosity and support of animal lovers near and far, the Trooper Fund continues to help pets like Trooper overcome traumatic injuries and ultimately find their forever home. To date, The Trooper Fund has helped two other dogs and one cat since Trooper helped start the program!

Well, I'm kinda sad to say they have another case that needs help.

attachment-trooper fund

Meet Phlox (I had to look that name up, it's a type of flower)!  She's about 5 years old, 14lbs, and an American Eskimo/mixed breed dog.  She was a stray with an eye injury that was so bad it meant the eye had to come out.  Nobody came for her, and that's so sad.  I hope she wasn't abandoned because of her eye.  I mean, I know vet bills can be high, but... isn't that your family?  If she got out and then got the eye injury I guess that's still sad.   But now, maybe she can have a bright future. She's back from surgery, fixed and ready to be adopted now! They're taking applications for her until October 11th.  So if you're the type of person who can open your heart to her, apply for her today! Or if you can't, you can always donate what you can to the shelter and the Trooper Fund (link above)!

Adoptingly yours,


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