So recently I went to the Sedalia Galaxy 10 B&B Theater and saw the new Top Gun - Maverick film.  It had been a long time since I was in a movie theater.  For many of us, that experience is even more enjoyable when you get a big bag of popcorn.  Butter and salt please.  Well that might be a problem in the next few months.

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We have been hearing about supply chain issues for a while.  Places not being able to get the products they need to put on their shelves.  Staffing issues, etc.  We are two years into the pandemic, and slowly people are going back to see movies and now they may not be able to get popcorn?  Say it ain't so!  According to Business Insider and the Wall Street Journal, this summer, which is often one of the busiest times for theaters and their big blockbuster films coming out, the supply of the popcorn may be tough.  And not just the popcorn, but the bags that are used too.

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An executive with a major popcorn supplier has mentioned that part of the reason is that they are having to pay farmers more to keep growing popcorn, rather than a more lucrative crop. We all know that the revenue that a movie theater can generate is affected by what film is out and how many concessions they can sell.  You can click HERE for more info.

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Now what worries me the most, is that if you want to see some of the summer blockbusters that are coming, such as Jurassic Park, or Lightyear, and you want popcorn, you also may get charged more per bag to enjoy it in the theater.  We will see if theaters change their prices.  Let's hope not.  Or you may have to smuggle in your own bags.

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