According to a press release from UCM, enrollment in the spring class of the Central Missouri Police Academy at the University of Central Missouri, remains open, with several seats still available on a first come, first served basis.

The basic academy curriculum has been expanded from 650 hours to 820 hours, effective January 2017, with no increase in tuition. Basic academy students will receive intermediate and some advanced level courses, and inservice officers may attend the basic academy for continuing education credits, with advanced level courses also available beginning with the spring 2017 class.

“We have received positive feedback from agencies that have hired our graduates, and we are very happy with the development of the academy during the past three years,” said Colin Comer, academy director. “As we continue to grow, restructuring will put our academy at the level we believe it should be. We understand the need of law enforcement is not only an increase in the number of applicants, but also quality of applicants.”

He also noted that the growth in sponsorship of students during the past year has allowed tuition to remain stable.

“UCM has provided a great deal of support, which has allowed us to keep our prices down,” Comer said. “If an agency sponsors a student to the academy, under the new curriculum structure, the result will be a more highly trained, new law enforcement officer.

“We encourage officers and agencies to inquire if they have specific needs, and we will try to accommodate them,” he added. “With the beginning of the spring academy class in January 2017, we plan to focus on expanding our continuing education efforts, with some new courses available for fall under the Institute for Public Safety at UCM.”

The CMPA training schedule and information about tuition assistance are posted at For additional information, call the CMPA at 660-543-4090.

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