I started something new this week on the show that I really like! I think so far we've had a lot of fun with you guys, asking you questions and getting all sorts of interesting, honest, and funny answers.  It all started on Monday, where I told you guys a silly story about how my little cat knocked a fan over in the bedroom and woke me up about ten minutes before my alarm went off. So then I turned to you guys and asked what your pet does that just drives you bonkers.

Morty follows me....everywhere. Bathroom time is a family event.


Oh boy, do I know this one. I have no idea why they do this, but the kitty needs to go with me when I visit the water closet. Then there's the staring as you sit and do your business. What's your deal, cat?! I don't watch you in the litter box!

 Blue, our Australian Shepard likes to:  1. Eat fabric 2. Chew his water bucket in half 3. Root his straw out of his house 4. Bark a lot at night at every animal in our field.   But, he will not bark at the cats. The cats & him sleep together....what a sight!

Are you sure your dog isn't a descendant of Marley?

On Tuesday, I had a bad hair day. Which is really, more par for the course than anything else. Most of the time my hair is unruly, awkwardly frizzy and poofy. So I asked you guys what one thing you'd change permanently about your hair.  Most of you said you'd like to change the color or the thickness.

I would love it if my hair were just a little thinner, not by too much - just a little.   As a stylist,  I know I can have it thinned but I don't really like it after a couple weeks so I just deal with this thick head of hair I have (:

Most people really felt similarly to that, but as for the dudes....

I want more of it on my face!

At least, I hope it was a guy. I'm pretty sure it is. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

On Wednesday, I talked a little bit about how when I was a kid, I was so sure I could keep anything from my parents. I thought I was the Sneak Master. Turned out, though, I was completely transparent. So I asked you, What's something your kids don't realize you know about them?

That they got stopped by the cops.

Oh Man. I hope you figure that out quick, kids of the world.  Insurance is expensive!

My daughter doesn't realize I have a real first name. To her, my name is Mommy Franke.

Okay, now that one I can kinda understand. After all, it's not like you introduced yourself to your kid with your first name. To be honest, it kinda bugs me when I hear kids calling their parents or teachers by their first name.

On Thursday, I talked a little about boyfriendo's search for a job. And then I asked you guys, What are the weirdest questions you've been asked in a job interview? Some of these were doozies.

It wasn't the question that was strange. I had a mother accompany then sit next their daughter to answer the questions. When I asked the mother to refrain from answering, she tells me her daughter is shy and has a hard time expressing herself.  It was a cashier job.

I cannot even comprehend the world that this person must live in.  What are you doing? Why do you bring your mom to your interview?

 My boob size.

Again, why?  Why would someone ask you that?  How on earth is that relevant to your interview? Reminds me that all bosses are still humans, and humans can be idiots, I suppose.

 What was the last book I read?

This one was a little odd, but really I just wanted to include that one because it wasn't as bad as the others.  Kind of... to give us faith in people again.

Anyway, this was pretty fun, and you guys seemed to enjoy it, too.  So we'll start fresh again on Monday with another question, and you guys call in or answer on Facebook or our website and I'll read em out on the air.

Enquiringly yours,


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