Alarms clocks. We have a love-hate relationship with them. Although I think some have more of a hate than love one. For me I'm thankful I use the one that I do to wake me up in the morning.

With the change over the weekend to Daylight Saving Time, I did my best to change all the clocks and move the time one hour forward. I believe I took care of all of them around the main floor of our house except one and it's the clock that could have caused me a lot of problems Monday morning.

My wife and I each have alarm clocks on our nightstands. If you're like me, you roll over in the middle of the night to see what time it is so you hope that you will get a few more hours of sleep before it's time to get up. Although we have the clocks on each side of the bed, neither one of us use them for an alarm clock. Instead we use our cell phones.

Now years ago when my grandparents were still alive, cell phones had not been invented so the way you woke up was with a standard wind-up, battery-operated, or electric alarm clock. I remember many days in my younger years winding up the clock  and pulling out a stem in the back of the clock to activate the alarm for the next morning.

So getting back, to my "almost dilemma" early Monday morning, I rolled over and looked at my bedside clock. The display read 2:59 am so I was good for another hour since I don't get out of bed until 4am. Needless to say one minute later my cell phone alarm went off to wake me up for another day. Yep, I forgot to set the clock by the bed forward one hour. Thank goodness for my cell phone, once again!

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