There's a good chance that you know a few people with these last names. Actually, there's a good chance that you might even have one of these last names! Here's a countdown of the 20 most common last names in Missouri.

  • 20. Young
  • 19. Lewis
  • 18. Clark
  • 17. Thompson
  • 16. Harris
  • 15. Anderson
  • 14. Jackson
  • 13. Thomas
  • 12. White
  • 11. Martin
  • 10. Taylor
  • 9. Moore
  • 8. Wilson
  • 7. Davis
  • 6. Miller
  • 5. Brown
  • 4. Jones
  • 3. Williams
  • 2. Johnson
  • 1. Smith

Quickly, just off the top of my head and just looking over the Top 5 last names, I can come up with about three Smiths that I personally know, about half-a-dozen Johnsons, four or five Williamses, a handful of Joneses and a whole lot of Browns, so this seems pretty accurate., which is a site that provides genealogical records, created the list. In fact, on their site you can see the Top 100 names in the state. They've also published a number of interesting facts about Missouri and its people. For example, the Methodists are the most popular denomination in the state, followed by Baptists and Presbyterians.

There is also a section on the site that shows the most popular last names in Missouri from back in 1880. Back then, Smith was still No. 1, and many of the same names in the Top 20 today are consistent with the Top 20 in 1880, although their positions on the list have moved around a little in the last 130 years.

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