I'm at it again, another one of my "I wonder what happens if I do this" posts! I decided to put "Sedalia, Missouri" into the search bar at Ebay and see what came up.  First of all, there's a LOT of historical stuff on there.  If you need old Sedalia postcards, you have over six hundred different ones to choose from.  So here are a few other things I found for your amusement.

1.  A Souvenir Cup.


I'm not sure what it's commemorating other than "You've been to Sedalia", but honestly it looks like something you'd buy as a gift for your Mom, who would put it in the china cabinet and never ever use it.

2.  A Commemorative pin of the Ozark Music Festival.


I know some people have mixed feelings about this festival, but hey.  For someone who really is interested in it, this might be a fun little reminder.

3.  Shot glasses.


I wish we had places that were  still called "Liquor Houses".  Just seems cool.

4.  A Meat Grinder.


You can see right there on the photo that it was made by Rival, so that's peak Sedalia nostalgia right there.

5.  A Ruler.


Aaah, Kendis Jewelry.  Subtly telling us, "Hey, go buy glasses, ya blind bat."

6.  An Apron.


This is an old timey work apron. I imagine a dude with a beard putting tools in it.

7.  Milk Bottles.


I saw it on TV all the time, old shows where the milkman would come by and give your milk.  It's kinda neat to see what the bottles were really like, you know?

8.  A Mug.


This one might be a bit... underwhelming.  I'm 99% sure I have this same mug in my cabinet.  Does that mean I can sell it too?!

9.  Railroad Company Paperwork


You'll have to be a REAL history buff for this one.  Selling paperwork and receipts from the seventies? There must be someone who wants that. Great handwriting, though.

10.  Matchbooks.


Some of these go for a pretty penny! I can't believe I threw out like, garbage bags of these from my Grandmother's house after she died.  I didn't know people collected these! It would have taken time, but..... that might have made a few.

Well there you have it.  The Ebay user name is the photo credit, so if you wanna buy some of these historical bits of Sedalia, go for it!

Historically yours,