Complete the Sentence

Complete the Sentence: Vacation Destinations
With summer in full swing, the subject of vacation destinations came up over the weekend.  Of course, there is the usual discussion of where people are going.  Then comes the talk of places everyone WANTS to see someday.  Some were more exotic than others.
Complete The Sentence: Time to Feel Good!
With the current heat wave, one of the things I've noticed is people's tempers being very short.  This is true of myself too.  We are easily annoyed and over react to the slightest offense to our senses.  Those feelings seem to overpower the good things in our lives...
Complete the Sentence: Rejected! How Does One Recover?
A friend of mine posted a lame pick up line some guy tried on her this morning.  Of course, it was unsuccessful.  That made me start thinking: I'm pretty sure EVERY guy has made the effort to approach a woman at some point.  Whether or not he used a cheesy line, he's probabl…
Complete the Sentence: The First Day Of School
To the joy of parents and the dismay of children, the first day of school is just over a month away (August 23).  People have started shopping for clothes and supplies already, and are hiding them from the kids so they don't get used before they're needed.
Complete the Sentence: Ignoring Texts
I text.  A LOT.  If I were to look at my phone bill text by text, it would read like "War and Peace."  I try to respond to every text, email and social media message.  It just isn't always possible.  My mother gets ignored a lot.  She sends in the neighborhood of 15 memes to me each day, m…
Complete the Sentence: Bad Dates Suck!
I reached out to a friend of mine on Friday night just to see what was going on. I didn't receive an answer until much later in the evening.  The explanation was "Sorry.  I was on a horrible date."
Complete the Sentence: Watch What You Say to New Moms
To say that having a child is a huge event in someone's life is an understatement.  Of course, people everywhere have something to say about the new baby, and it is hard to tell how someone will take your words of wisdom.  Things like "He should be talking by now," or "When my baby wa…
Complete The Sentence Weekly Recap
This week our Complete the Sentence the topics included movies, the knowledge men have of women and online dating. I'll now attempt to bring the three topics together for you.  Let's begin with the movies.
Complete The Sentence: Pitfalls in Online Dating
Today's "Complete the Sentence" is inspired by some female friends of mine.  Several of them are using online dating sites and receive many emails a day.  When the subject comes up, they immediately talk about the bad ones.

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