There are a lot of strange places in America, and there are a lot of weird town names. Maybe you've heard of Intercourse, Pennsylvania? What about Santa Claus, Indiana, Hell, Michigan or Friendly, West Virginia? Every state has at least a handful of town names that raise eyebrows. Here are a few crazy town names from Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.


  • Assumption - We all know what happens when we "assume," but did you know there is an Assumption, Illinois? It is in Christian County, in the south-central part of the state.
  • Disco - This one is pretty close to us, in Hancock County. Disco, Illinois is just northwest of LaHarpe.
  • Eureka - 5,295 people call Eureka, Illinois home. It is the county seat of Woodford County. President Ronald Reagan attended college in Eureka.
  • Roachtown - There is some debate on whether or not this is actually a town. It's hard to find much information on Roachtown, except that it appears on several lists of odd town names, and it also shows up on Mapquest. If it does exist, someone should open a hotel there.


  • Tightwad - Population 64. Tightwad is in Henry County, very near Truman Lake. There is a bank in Tightwad, which is an amusing photo subject for those traveling through.
  • Frankenstein - Frankenstein is in Osage County, just outside of Jefferson City. Only about 30 people live there. The town celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013.
  • Peculiar - Population 4,608. They have a great town motto: Where the "odds" are with you. Peculiar is in Cass County.
  • Knob Lick - An unincorporated community very near Farmington.


  • Matlock - Matlock is in Sioux County, in the northwest corner of the state. The census counted 87 Matlock residents last time around. Matlock wasn't really an unusual name until the TV series starring Andy Griffith started airing. There are actually several Matlocks around the world.
  • Elivra - Clinton County is home to the unincorporated community of Elvira, which was named for the town founder's wife, not the Oak Ridge Boys song or the Mistress of the Dark.
  • What Cheer - Population 646. What Cheer is home of the Keokuk County Fair (not to be confused with the Keokuk County Expo Fair, which is held in Sigourney).