The Missouri State Fair Commission voted to approve a plan to implement a cattle barn bedding pilot project. The project will provide stall bedding for cattle exhibitors during the 2020 Missouri State Fair.

In a news release from the Missouri State Fair, Fair Director Mark Wolfe said the first part of the pilot project is removal of the existing sand in the cattle barn stalls and the addition of a compacted lime base.

The Fair will purchase premium mulch bedding from Missouri Mulch, from New Florence, Mo., that will be used in each cattle stall during the State Fair. The mulch will come from scrap pieces of white oak trees used to make wine barrel staves.

Following the State Fair, Bluebird Compositing, from Fulton, Mo., will pick up and haul the used mulch to be made into organic compost, which, in turn, will be used to fertilize the white oak trees that make up the bedding mulch.




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