Kids, you'd heard about it, and of course it was "the talk" for awhile. So when the Shady Ladies party finally went down this past weekend at Bottoms Up... well, not even I really knew what to expect.

We had a live broadcast out there that night, and there were all sorts of very interesting things!  There were some demonstrations from the Spin Gypsies - they do some really great work with hula hoops.  Also, the Stiletto Gym showed us some great ways to work out with just a chair!  There were Tarot card readings, great food, tasty drinks, a fashion show, and lots of great fun and ladies letting loose. I gave away plenty of tickets and movie passes.

Kevin Walker took a bunch of photos of the fun. Here's some of what went down!

It was a real blast for everyone. Don't miss out the next time we have a big event like this.  You don't want to be the one hearing the stories, you wanna be the one TELLING the stories. Trust me.

Shadily yours,