Sedalia authorities are investigating several recent vehicle break-ins.

Sedalia Police and the Pettis County Sheriff's office reported several of the break-ins on Tuesday (June 19).

One of the incidents took place in the 1300 block of E. 15th Street. Someone got into the victim's vehicle during the early morning hours but nothing was reported missing. It also appeared as though several other vehicle in the area had been rummaged through but no items were reported missing.

Another incident from Tuesday included someone breaking the front driver side window on a vehicle in the 200 block of S. Quincy Ave. The victim indicated that cash and coins had been taken. The cost of the damage was placed at approximately $500.00.

Also on Tuesday, Pettis County deputies took a report in the 3400 block of Callaway of a work truck parked outside the victim's home, when someone broke into the tool box and stole several construction tools. The estimated amount of the stolen items has not yet been determined.

The Sedalia Police Department recommends locking vehicle doors and making sure all items of value, such as guns or money, are removed from the vehicle at night.

If anyone notices suspicious activity around a vehicle, contact local authorities with a description of the person(s) involved. The Sedalia Police Department says officers will be taking additional action to resolve the issue.

Sedalia Police
Randy Kirby

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