On Friday I asked you the following question: Do you prefer the self-check out or a clerk checking you out? Many had strong feelings on the matter, and there's a definite preference among people in West Central Missouri.

67% of people who responded to the question prefer having someone check them out, as opposed to using self-check out. The two top reasons people gave for this was they don't work for the store, so they want someone else to bag their purchases. The other reason, they didn't want to see people lose their jobs.

21% of respondents to my question prefer to check groceries out themselves. The self-check out crowd likes bagging their purchases on their own because they want to bag their groceries a certain way. They bag in a way that makes unloading and putting their groceries away easier. Or they just would rather not have to interact with an employee.

And finally, 12% of respondents don't have a preference. Most of these folks choose how they check out based on which type of check out lines are moving more quickly. Or how many items they have to check out.

Here's what you told me about this on Facebook:

I refuse to be a part of someone losing there job, it would be a cold day in hell before I use one of those pos'es I'll take a human. -Brian Isabell 

Definetly clerk. I'm too old to be able to stand there, check out groceries and then bag them and load in cart. Certainally not thinking of older people or caring. -Elizabeth Spickert

If I wanted to check out groceries I would out applied for a job.-Elaine Clouser 

Clerk, I don't work there.-Regina Thome

Until I'm given an employee discount, I wish to have a cashier. -Rhonda York 

Self, because I want my cold stuff with cold, frozen with the frozen, not 15 can goods in one sack, produce with produce, just like put it on the belt for them. Just my preference. -Julie Rowles

Love self check out, no clerks to talk too. -Michael Harris 

I always self checkout, bagging the stuff myself makes it easier to put away at home.-Dana Sewell 

Self. Much faster, bagged better, don't have to make small talk or listen to people complain about what they do! -Stacie Meyer

Depends on if there is a quick cashier or not. They don't take the time to train them properly anymore.-Christy Schouten Norman

Whichever line is shorter. -Yvette Anderson Neas

Depends on how much is in my cart. I use the self checkouts more like a “10 items or less lane”, anything more I use a cashier. -Megan Page 

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Do you have a preference?

Posted by KIX 105.7 on Friday, April 23, 2021

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