When it comes to homes we like to be nosy. We want to see what makes the most expensive home for sale in our town so special and expensive. We like to see homes that are a little bit different. Like the "arresting" home in Fayette Behka recently wrote about. You can see that here. We even like to see celebrity homes, like this one and this one. But what about the other side of the fence? What about the cheapest home you can buy in Pettis County?

That's what I thought I'd show you. I hopped on Zillow to find the cheapest home available in Pettis County. And this is what I found.

A two bedroom, one bath, home on a quarter acre lot on East 7th Street here in Sedalia. The home was built in 1905, includes a one car garage and needs more than a fresh coat of paint. There's no data on heating, and when it comes to cooling the listing says "other." I suspect the other means windows, a place for a window unit, and a sad looking ceiling fan.

This home isn't move in ready. It's not even a fixer upper. I think it's a canvas for someone who sees what it can be. Someone whose got some creativity, some design chops and someone whose got the ability to do some heavy renovation work. Or at least someone with the cash to pay people to do some heavy renovation work.

Cheapest Home For Sale In Sedalia

The house is a foreclosure and is on the market through Viking Realty, LLC for the asking price of $14.900. You can check out the Zillow listing here.

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