Kids, I work in radio.  That means sometimes I deal with some strange people.  But most people are really nice.  Very rarely do I encounter something negative. 

But, I used to deal with "the public" more directly, working behind the counter.  I know that feeling of standing on your feet all day, making change and not feeling like your day is ever going to end.  So I do try to be as pleasant and accommodating to people who have those kind of jobs, because I sure know that it's not easy.

This morning, however, I was going to get a quick OJ at a local convenience store that I will not name.  The customer in front of me was.... well, rude.  There just isn't another way to put it.

He asked the lady for one thing, and when she gave it to him, claimed that he had asked for something else.  He then insulted her for doing what he asked!  What, is she supposed to be able to read his mind?

I marveled at this woman's patience, and I also reflected on my lack of that same patience.  She was polite, she was efficient, and I will never, ever be able to do what she does.  If someone tried to do that to me, I would totally Ron Swanson them:

So, kids, why not share some good and bad experiences?  Have you worked in a job where people were, let's face it, jerks?  Have you been a jerk?  Did you feel you had a good reason?  What was going on?  Let's discuss!

Thrillingly yours,

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