The Sedalia School Board voted on Monday night (June 17) to issue a Request for Proposal for seeking a construction manager who would oversee the planning, design and construction of a new stadium for Smith-Cotton High School. This new stadium would replace the existing Jennie Jaynes Stadium.

“The new complex would be a multi-use facility located behind Smith-Cotton High School on land already owned by Sedalia School District 200," said Bob Satnan, Communications Director for the Sedalia School District. "It would include a stadium with a synthetic turf field, practice field, all-weather track, field house including locker rooms and a concessions building. JROTC, the marching band and other groups would be able to use the facility for practice. Cost is projected between $6 million and $7 million.”

The cost of the project would be shared between private groups and public funding. The project is said to have a private donor that is willing to pay $1 million for the purchase of the current facility, another $2 million would have to be raised by private funding.

The Jennie Jaynes Stadium and field has its limitations and that is one of the reasons for a proposal to build a new athletic and activities complex. “Physical limitations and cost factors make it necessary to find a different space,” Satnan said. “There is not enough parking at the current stadium, and the track is only six lanes wide and is in yards (current standards are eight lanes and meters); due to the location of Liberty Park’s pool and tennis courts, expansion is not possible.”

The decision to move forward on this stadium will have an impact on Sacred Heart and Smith-Cotton since they both utilize Jennie Jaynes for football. Smith-Cotton is the primary user of the facility. “We have been communicating with Dr. Mark Register,“ Satnan said. “The relationship with Sacred Heart would continue at the new complex, which likely will continue to carry the Jennie Jaynes name."

As of right now, the goal is hire a construction manager as soon as possible and a timetable for the project will be based on the ability to secure the private donations as required by the Board of Education.

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