Camp Mihaska in southern Missouri will be offering four-day camping experiences for kids and families beginning in May. The Sedalia Salvation Army is offering to fund local campers interested in attending.

"The Salvation Army is offering to fully fund kids to go out to their Salvation Army Camp in Bourbon, Missouri," said Magen Hudson with the Sedalia Salvation Army. "They provide transportation, meals and lodging, fully funded for the kids. All they would need would be just souvenir money, if they would even want that."

Normally the cost for kids attending Camp Mihaska would be between $400-$600, according to Hudson. "With the meals, and the lodging, and just having the staff available there, it can be kind of costly for the kids to go," said Hudson. "Luckily, the last few years we've been able to fund the kids completely...100%, and [this year] we want to send 50-60. You do the math and that's a lot of money we're willing to put out for these kids to have a good camp in the summer."

Applications are being accepted now through May 10. More information can be found on the Sedalia Salvation Army's Facebook page, or by calling 660-826-1525.

Camp Mihaska's 2018 schedule includes:

  • Older Adult Camp May 29-June 1 (55 and older)
  • Sports Camp June 4-7 (8-12)
  • Kids Camp June 12-15 (6-9)
  • Outdoors Camp June 12-15 (13-16)
  • Teen Camp June 18-22 (13-17)
  • Tween Camp July 9-13 (10-12)
  • Family Camp July 16-20 (parents with children 16 and younger)

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