The Sedalia Animal Shelter is filled to capcity so if you're ready to adopt a new family member this is a great time to make that happen.

In a Facebook post, the shelter says they're so full that many days as soon as an animal is adopted another animal takes it's place by the end of that day. Additionally, the rescue groups they work with are also struggling to keep up with the ammount of animals that need their help.

Their post goes on to say, "We will never pressure anyone to consider pet adoption because we want a happy, healthy outcome for all the pets in our care. However, if your analytical brain has been crunching the numbers for a while and it has finally decided to give the nod “ok” to your already-jumping-up-and-down-screaming-YES heart, now might be the perfect time to add a furry member to your family. Every adoption gives our shelter an opportunity to help another pet. Yes, we still believe in a forever kind of love." 

This is probably the most important part of their post. The Sedalia Animal Shelter wants every animal they adopt out to go to their furever home and never see the Sedalia Animal Shelter or any other shelther ever again. To adopt a pet because you want to help the shelter, without being ready, isn't good for anyone. It's not good for you, it's not good for the pet, it's not good for the shelter.

So, you think adopting a pet is a good idea, what should you consider?

  • The cost. There's food, vet visits and vaccinations, boarding costs when your family goes on vacation, pet rent and pet deposits when living in an apartment, grooming and bathing costs, and the occasional unexpected vet visit or two.
  • Your living situation. Many Sedallia apartments don't allow pets, or have very specific rules regarding pet size, weight and breed. Additionally, if you have roommates or are living with other family members you should make sure they're on board before getting a pet.
  • Your lifestyle. What kind of pet is going to work best for you? How much time can you spend with your furry friend? What other demands are in your life? You may really want a dog, but find that a demanding work schedule might work better for a cat. You may love a dog breed, but find you don't have enough space. Or you may have passed on a dog breed because you think it's not right, but there may be a workable solution to your concern.

Once you figure all these things out and you're sure the time is "now" to adopt a pet, I'd tap into the wealth of knowledge shelter staff and volunteers can provide you. If you're adopting a dog they can talk to you about breeds or even specific dogs in their care that would be a good match. They can explain why perhaps some breeds or specific dogs might not be a great match for you. Many can also point you to resoruces and materials to help you prepare for successful pet ownership.

If now is the time to adopt, you can check out the animals at the Sedalia Animal Shelther here. If you desire to help the Sedalia Animal Shelter in other ways, you can check out their web page here.

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