Kids love snow days. I remember back in the day listening to the radio just waiting to hear my school's name. Yet, living in the suburbs of Chicago in the 1980's snow days, or weather days off due to the cold or ice, were few and far between. So few and far between we never had to worry about making the days up. Unfortunately, the snow and ice we experienced in February, means Sedalia 200 students will be in class making days up this spring.

Sedalia School District 200 posted their plan for make up days on their Facebook page. Students are now expected to attend class the following days:

  • Monday April 5 will now be a regular school day.
  • Wednesday May 26 will now be a regular school day. It was originally an early out day.
  • Thursday May 27 will now be a regular school day.
  • Friday May 28 will now be an early out schedule day.

If there's any good news. At least it's that the make up days didn't slide over into the month of June. The current calendar for Sedalia School District 200 in .PDF form can be found here.

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