If you just happen to have a large evergreen that you want to get rid of, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is looking for the next Christmas tree for the lawn of the  governor's mansion.

According to a news release from the MDC, the annual search is being conducted for the tree that will grace the lawn of the governor's mansion through the holidays. MDC is asking landowners, homeowners, businesses, and communities that may have possible candidate trees to contact the Department.

For the donated tree to be qualified as a possible candidate, it must be about 40 feet tall and be an eastern red cedar, Norway spruce, or white pine that is fully branched on all sides and accessible by large equipment.

According to the Department of Conservation:

The right tree may either be near the end of its life or may need to be removed for other reasons. Once a tree is selected, MDC staff will coordinate the cutting and delivery of the tree to the governor's mansion at no cost to the owner. The donor will receive a thank-you from the governor and an invitation to the lighting ceremony, which usually occurs the first week of December.


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