In a press release from the Missouri Department of Commerce & Insurance, a Missouri licensed nurse alerted the Board’s office after she received a phone call from a person who falsely identified himself as being from the Missouri State Board of Nursing. She said she repeatedly received phone calls from a number identified as 573-751-0681, which is the official phone number of the Board of Nursing. The person calling said there was a case against her Missouri nurse practitioner license and indicated she should have received letters from the Board about this. He then passed her off to the “officer in charge” identified as Patrick Walker in the letter. After several calls, they demanded payment in the form of a bond to keep her license active while the case was being investigated.

The caller had the nurse’s address, Missouri license number and NPI number. He told her someone had written prescriptions in another state using her NPI number.

Missouri nurses are also being contacted by mail. In these instances, the nurses receive fake but official looking documents that appear to be sent by the Board of Nursing. These phony letters indicate the nurse is under investigation for allegedly trafficking illegal drugs, and that they will not be allowed to continue practicing past a certain date. Finally, the letter states that the nurse should contact the officer in charge of the investigation and lists a Missouri phone number. The letters are mailed to the nurse’s home address and both reference the nurse’s actual state license number.

If nurses receive a call or communication they can search for their record using Licensure QuickConfirm at

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