They're already speculating that Kansas City Royal Alex Gordon will have his number retired and a statue erected at Kauffman Stadium in honor of his outstanding fourteen year career with the team. This comes hours after the Gold Glove outfielder announced he would retire at the end of the season.

According to Kansas City Royals website reporter Jeffrey Flanagan Gordon contemplated retirement last season, but signed a one year deal to return to the Royals. Gordon had a very good season last year hitting .266 with 13 home runs and 76 RBI's while picking up his seventh Gold Glove Award.

While his defense hasn't lost a step, the shortened 2020 season hasn't been good to his offensive numbers. This year he's batted .215 with four home runs and 11 RBI's. And after this year's wild short season, what looks to be a contentious labor negotiation on the horizon could you blame Gordon for calling it a career?

While many are comparing Gordon to Royals Icons George Brett and Frank White, Gordon certainly didn't enjoy the recognition Brett and White received while they were playing. Gordon toiled year after year with the pundits predicting the Royals would finally get over the hump and be competitive, until they weren't. That is until the team started showing signs of life with an acceptable third place finish in 2013. I'd argue staying a Royal his whole career in that environment was amazing in itself. And something that wasn't as difficult for Brett and White to do.

Gordon finishes up with some impressive numbers for the Royals and most definitely is one of their Iconic players. Here's Gordon's Royals career by the numbers:

  • Fourth in home runs.
  • Fifth in extra base hits.
  • Sixth in games played.
  • Sixth in runs.
  • Sixth in hits
  • Sixth in RBI's.
  • First in lead off home runs.

Most Royals fans will remember his iconic game tying home run in game one of the 2015 World Series. Gorodon will wrap up the season this weekend as the Royals take on Detroit at the K.

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