The Sedalia Chamber of Commerce announced on Monday (April 14) that a internet show, The Fireball Run, will be coming to Sedalia in October.

The Fireball Run will have two local business owners racing with the 40 teams selected. Rick Yeager, former owner of Yeager's Cycles, and Ron Ditzfeld, owner of Ditzfeld Transfer, will represent Sedalia during the course of the race that starts in Frisco, Texas and ends in Independence, Missouri in October.

It is not known yet as to what type of vehicle Rick and Ron will utilize during this race, but since Ron is known for trucks and buses and Rick is known for motorcycles, it will not be an easy selection of a vehicle that they race. However, they both agreed whatever the vehicle is, it will be fast. They are excited for the challenge ahead.

They are in need of help and need a team name, so if you have suggestions, let us know. The only rule given by the producers of The Fireball Run is that the team name be family-oriented, since the show appeals to all ages.

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