You may or may not know, but Rob and I goof off quite a bit. Rob and I were hanging out one day and I brought up something I could do fairly easily in the past. Rob doesn't believe I could do it anymore, and of course, I can't back down from a challenge.

We will tell you what the bet is on air tomorrow (Dec. 10). First, we need some consequences for the loser of this bet.

If I am able to pull of my side of the bet, Rob will have to suffer the consequences. If I fail, I will have to face the same punishment. We make bets and dare each other to do a lot of things, but this one may take the cake.

Should the loser have to put up some money?  Shave his head? Wear some silly clothes and post the photos on the internet? Tell us what the consequences should be for our bet in the comments and listen in on air tomorrow for what the bet is.