There's a new restaurant opening in Columbia, and Kathy and I are going to have to take a ride over there and check it out. It's called Chi-Town Eats and it's set to open on Friday October 23.

According to the Columbia Missourian, owner Angelo Smith, Jr. says Chi-Town Eats will feature the food available in his hometown of Chicago. And although it's a bit of ride from the stations in Sedalia, and an even longer haul from Warrensburg, we're going to have to try it. Because, simply, trying to find places that have an Italian Beef sandwich, true steamed Chicago style hot dogs, or even a Pizza Puff is difficult outside of Chicagoland.

According to the menu posted by the restaurant on Google Chi-Town Eats will be offering chicken wings, burgers, nachos, gyros, Italian Beef Sandwiches, cheese sticks, Pizza Puffs, fried catfish and shrimp fries.

Smith told the Missourian he wants his restaurant to be a hang out for students. And while I'm past that demographic, when I was reading the article it made me think of my go-to place in college and the menu is fairly similar to what they offered.  The beef sandwich drowned, with a pizza puff was my go-to. Except for times I got tacos. I doubt Chi-Town Eats will serve those, that's not a staple of most places in Chicago serving the menu he is. (In Chicago most places don't do that because there's a place serving burritos "as big as your head" next door or down the street.)

When you get out of Chicago it's difficult to find a place that truly gets the kind of food served at these neighborhood joints in the Chicago area. If Chi-Town Eats menu is any indication, Mr. Smith gets that. I hope the Italian Beef drowned, with a Pizza Puff doesn't disappoint. Chi-Town Eats is located at 2900 Trimble Road in Columbia.

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