We know more recently, the Sedalia Public Library was closed along with other local buildings and businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic but do you remember when the library had to close due to a foundation problem?

It was back in 2012 when a report was made on television station KMBC Channel 9 on the foundation situation at the Sedalia Public Library.

According to the website sedalialibrary.com, the original public library started out in the basement of the Pettis County Courthouse in 1895. Four years later, the Sedalia Public Library Board of Trustees received confirmation that a grant of $50,000 was awarded by Andrew Carnegie. The Carnegie grant was the first to be awarded to a public library in the state.

The current building was dedicated in 1901 so with 111 years of wear and tear, it wasn't unfathomable that the building would bear some problems along the way. Unfortunately in 2012, not only the wear and tear but also a drought caused a foundation problem.

According to a report from gothrasher.com, there was a report of the foundation being in imminent danger of collapse. Due to the drought and the dry soil underneath and around the building, there was a settling factor of 5 inches. The story goes on to say "the underlying bedrock also had large voids beneath them." The article goes on to say:

As the corner of the library had settled, it also rotated outwardly and put the foundation and structure at extreme risk of collapse.

After the necessary repairs were made, a stabilized foundation was set to assure no movement in the future.

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