Reba McEntire continues to prove her fearless versatility in an ongoing series of advertisements for KFC. The country superstar transforms into the legendary Colonel Sanders -- the first-ever woman and first musician to play him -- for an ad campaign that is simultaneously witty and outrageous.

On Sunday (Jan. 28), McEntire officially made her debut as Colonel Sanders -- but the first ad released isn't the only one in the campaign. Readers can press play on the videos below to catch the multi-talented McEntire in what might be her most outlandish role yet.

McEntire's collection of KFC ads includes short, 15- and 30-second takes that feature McEntire -- er, the Colonel -- as he tunes his guitar in the key of yum ...

... promotes some tasty options at a concert's merchandise table ...

... and transforms back into the country music legend herself to promote the fast-food chain's Smoky Mountain BBQ line.

McEntire says that her journey from country diva to fried chicken icon only required a sense of humor -- which certainly comes through in these ads.

"Don't take yourself so seriously; have fun with life," McEntire advises. "When I see people that can laugh at themselves, that's endearing to me."

In addition to being a country music superstar, McEntire has taken on numerous acting roles throughout her career. Her movie debut came in January of 1990, in Tremors; she's also appeared in the TV movie The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw with Kenny Rogers and Burt Reynolds, and in the Rob Reiner film North, among others. The Oklahoma native starred as Annie Oakley in the Broadway version of Annie Get Your Gun in 2001, and her her eponymous sitcom aired on the WB network from 2001 until 2007.

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