There are some moments that you just want to experience again and again -- and Rascal Flatts' 'Rewind' video does just that, reliving a romantic date and goodnight kisses over and over.

The two stars of the video, a mop-headed brunette guy and a gorgeous brown-haired gal, kick off the storyline as they say goodnight at the end of a date. They both appear to be pretty lovestruck, evidenced by the adoring gazes that happen as they bid farewell for the evening.

As the guy walks back to his truck, an idea percolates in his mind. Apparently, inside his pickup is a cassette tape that controls time -- he has the ability to 'rewind' their magical date. So, just like anyone crazy in love would do, the boyfriend hits rewind and heads back to the beginning of the night, starting off with bringing the beauty a bouquet of flowers.

Throughout their time together, the couple sits in the back of a pickup truck, drinks red wine and basks in the sparks that are flying between them. However, things go a little awry when the cassette's tape is jumbled and the unlucky guy finds himself alone in the truck bed. Thanks to a trusty pencil, he's able to twist the tape back into submission (as every cassette listener remembers doing that a time or two) and get right back on track.

After a goodnight kiss that obviously has him seeing stars, he races back to his truck to replay the night (or maybe just that kiss!) again. Throughout the 'Rewind' music video, the Flatts are playing in an open space with crowds of people walking backwards, helping it feel like everything is indeed rewinding.