Randy Travis put his cowboy boots on and moved into the public eye for the first time since a stroke last summer. A photo shared by a fellow country singer is another positive sign for fans of the country legend. He's well-dressed, smiling and holding a bottle of water as he poses for the camera. 

Neal McCoy shared the picture at his Facebook page on Friday. Earlier in the week Travis’ father indicated the ‘Three Wooden Crosses’ singer was slowly getting his voice back as well. Last month several pictures of Travis surfaced in which he was seen looking alert and comfortable.

How close he could be to a possible comeback or official industry appearance remains a mystery. While Travis looked healthy in photos taken in December, he was also in a wheelchair in one of them. McCoy’s photo only shows his friend seated, from the waist up.

Even so fans were overjoyed by the news. Hundreds commented on McCoy's post, enthusiastically sharing their joy at seeing Travis amongst his peers. No official statement about Travis' health has been given since August despite numerous requests to his representatives.

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