There's going to be a new event coming up this weekend that promises to be tons of fun for anybody with a bit of a flair for the macabre side of Halloween. I know zombies are particularly popular in our modern age; everything from The Walking Dead to Sprint commercials and practically every other movie these days is zombie related.  Now the zombies are coming to Sedalia, and it'll be this Saturday, Oct. 19!The Prombie Apocalypse is going to be a great chance to dress up and get a little scary at Convention Hall.  It'll be on Saturday, Oct 19 and the doors will open at 6:00 p.m.  You gotta get out there and check this out: there will be all sorts of great door prizes and giveaways out there.  They've got a Zombie Walk Off Contest, the Royally Undead Court Crowning, music and socializing.

This is a great prequel to Halloween, and an amazing opportunity to get all zombied up!  I'm sure we'll see all sorts of incredibly interesting makeup and clothes.  The creativity of these young people will definitely manifest itself this Halloween.

The Prombie Apocalypse is a teen party, organized by local author Angela Roquet, to commemorate the release of her young adult zombie novel "Crazy Ex-Ghoulfriend."  In addition to the contests, they'll have dancing, karaoke, a scary photo booth and refreshments like cookies and popcorn.

Get your tickets at Reader's World or at the door, and don't miss out. The cost of the ticket is $8, and you can get a nice discount if you get your copy of "Crazy Ex Ghoulfriend" while you're there.  And, the blood on the brain (get it, that's my "icing on the cake" equivalent) is this event is raising money for the new Sedalia Public Library.

Mess up some old formalwear, plaster your face and body with disgustingness, and perfect your zombie walk, because the Prombie Apocalypse is here.

Zombily yours,

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